Race Mixing is a Joke


Intellectual Embargo


Published on Aug 24, 2019

In a previous video, someone commented a quote from Muhammad Ali. I decided to use a bunch of him in this video, speaking about an issue Ali was passionate about - miscegenation, or race mixing. It's shocking how quickly the entire established and "correct" view of race mixing has so radically shifted in just a few decades. It used to be nothing like this -- it used to be much more sane.

image on miscegenation laws created by wikipedia user Certes CC 3.0

Intimate Partner Violence in Interracial Relationships
Douglas A Brownridge

Are Multiracial Adolescents at Greater Risk? Comparisons of Rates, Patterns, and Correlates of Substance Use and Violence Between Monoracial and Multiracial Adolescents
Yoonsun Choi

Spousal homicide data is FBI UCR SHR 2003 to 2007

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