Indus Special with Ejaz Haider Iran Naval Exercises in Indian Ocean East China Sea Ep 288


Ryan Dawson


Published on Dec 27, 2019

China's bad relationship with the US and Japan's bad relationship with South Korea, is causing China and Japan to warm up to each other. China still uses island disputes to rally the base against Japan. It's not really about islands though it's about WWII resentment. China has no case for the islands. They were sold from private Japanese hands to the Japanese government. The problem was, that at the time a very right-wing governor of Tokyo was in power and he couldn't shut his mouth. This made it all about WWII resentment again. China has every right to condemn Japan for WWII. But to what end? How is it productive? You cannot come to the negotiating table wearing WWII on your vest and expect it to get anywhere. Imagine if France did that to Germany. The difference is China and Japan have far greater economic disparities compared to Germany and France. China is very jealous of Japan's wealth but they couch the hate in more acceptable clothes of WWII self righteousness. Sadly for everything terrible Japan did, China hardly has a leg to stand on or a way to be indignant when they murdered tens of millions of their own.