Shapeshifter spotted

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Carolyn Emerick Norðfolc Volklorist


Published on Jun 23, 2020

There are people pretending to be us who are NOT US and they are playing both sides. Catholicism LITERALLY means “Universal.” It is NOT national identity. It is NOT ethnic identity. It’s a trick. They are in the left and in the right and in all ideologies playing a game people don’t understand. Look into 20th century anthropology and skull shape. That is not a Northern European origin man (although he is mixed). It’s related to the invasion of Europe in the Middle Ages by the Christian armies AND the current situation. The scam is sidewinding Poles away from embracing their indigenous Slavic cultural worldview and keep them sucking on the teet of Rome. When you learn to SEE, you can spot an imposter. Imposters are playing the left AND the right and they make people believe they are on our side via taking our features on by intermixing and using ideological and psychological deception.