Trump Meme: Trying to not elect Trump: Hitler Parody


Obscured Trends


Published on May 11, 2020

Trump Meme: Trying to not elect Trump: Hitler Parody. Sir we are trying everything to get rid of Donald. We have shut down cities all over the world with COVID 19 fear mongering. But the propaganda is not working. But Trumps stock market is tanking. Trump's approval rating is at an all time high. People still love him. If you work for CNN, New York Times or any other liberal news outlet. Get out now. COVID-19 was supposed to end Trump. Do you hear me. END TRUMP. This was our last hope of ruing his reelection. Liberals can't do anything right. The impeachment was a train-wreck. Russian collusion was a joke. But Nancy Pelosi is going to investigate. Nancy Pelosi can't even keep her dentures in. But she tore up his SOTU speech. Do you think her temper tantrum's helped. She's senile. Everyone advised Trump to keep the border with China opened. He closed them anyway.