3D Printed Mac-11: Will it Survive a Mag Dump? (Jan. Update)


Gunny McGunsmith


Published on Jan 29, 2021

Took the 3D Printed Mac-11 and 3 full sten mags to the range just this week. Here's how it did. :)

We had a lot of people tell us during the last video that a 3D Printed Mac-11 would never work. It seems they'll have to eat their words. :P The frame is officially cleared for beta testing at this stage with a few more minor tweaks and more durability testing needed before official release. That being said we're on the home stretch now!

I lost the first edit I was working on so the video's a lot shorter because of it, with that in mind, I just wanted to share a few extra details here in the description.

The frame's only failure was a crack on the feedramp (shown in the video). The front takedown pin area definitely got toasty, and the heat did cause those areas to become soften and reharden (annealing) like in other Mac frame's we've tested. At this time that doesn't appear to have produced any strength issues and likely just remelted the layers in that are together creating better adhesion and thus strength overall.

The CAD seen at the end is me adding more strength to the feedramp and adjusting tolerances so that it will also work with polymer MPA/Tapco sten mags. I also add a rear peep sight for those with top charging uppers and refine the ergonomics a tad.

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