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E. Michael Jones


Published on May 10, 2020

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0:40- Logos :40
1:27- St John uses logos at beginning of gospel
2:46- Orthodox have a different understanding of logos; protestants limit the word logos by ignoring the greek philosophy
3:37- logos is an all encompassing term
6:45- we must have a moral citizenry based on logos too make sound judgment
9:16- oligarchs love homosexuality because they’re easy to manage which is the gist of his book Libido Dominandi
11:34- prudence is knowing reality and acting on it
11:57- Christ gives us supernatural grace to solve our problem of being stuck in all our sins
12:58- God created the Church so your life can be congruent with logos
16:45- Ockham influenced Germany which influenced Luther who hated reason.
17:23- Protestantism was based on Luthers own inability to control his passions, which had a devastating effect on the Catholic understanding of faith and reason
19:04- science was on the rise and people thought we need to talk about science and the real world instead of splitting hairs with theology.
20:30- late scholastics abused Thomism, like Ockham with nominalism and then there was a rekindling with Suarez and then forgotten in French Revolution. Leo XIII brought it back with vengeance in Aeterni Patris. He made it the official philosophy of the Church.
21:56- reaction against Thomism because it can be too abstract with categories and not contextualized and practical
23:32- Modernism inspired Vatican II because history wasn’t being taken seriously by Thomists
24:59- 3 Thomisms by the 1950s fighting against each other and they were defeated in battle at Notre Dame.
26:29- McMullen became chairman at ND philosophy department wrecking Thomism
27:54- Accepting or Rejecting Jesus
28:13- The Revolutionary Spirit
38:49- Louis Newman's book about rebellions against the Catholic Church
50:26- Universities are a disaster especially for history, philosophy, and psychology. You cannot get this kind of information anywhere about history.
53:22- Christopher Dawson was his model using big picture meta-histories

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