Alt-Right Tankie: 7/23/16-Re: Secret Behind Communism (1 of 2)


Alt-Right Tankie


Published on Jul 23, 2016

My reply to David Duke's 'Secret Behind Communism'

Topics: Soviet take over of Nazi camps, East-Asiatic Soviet soldiers rape of civilians, Slavic Soviet soldiers protection of German & east European civilians, E. Germany & Poland's post-WWII anti-Zionism, Communist Czeckoslavkia's hanging of Ashkenazi Communists, E. Germany's support of anti-NATO & anti-Zionist causes abroad, E. Germany's pro-German, pro-Soviet, anti-Nazi, anti-Allied, non-Ashkenazi view of WWII, Ashkenazi Soviet officers execution of the Holodomor famine & Katyn massare, Stalin's purging of Trotskyists & Zionists, Stalin's suspicion of Ashkenazis & E. Asiatics of fifth columnists, traitors, Trotskyists, Maoists, Ilya Ehrenburg