Joe Rogan Experience, an interview witht he inventor of MRNA tech Doctor Robert Malone


Thomas Mourino8


Published on Jan 1, 2021

(altCen Ed. note: original removed, Dr. Robert Malone is a very humble professional who was the driving force behind development of the MRNA technology that is being used in the vaccines today. Dr. Robert Malone has quite a backstory, and over 10 issued pattens all filed back in 1989 that gave him credit and he has quite an impressive background. Clearly he is a deep insider, he knows Tony Fauci personally and he has worked closely with the Department of the Defense and he is one of the ones that got Merck involved regarding the ebola outbreak. Tech clearly has a censorship agenda when it comes to COVID-19, whether regarding treatment or whether regarding putting out information that would make one prone to ‘vaccine hesitancy’. If Dr. Robert Malone does not have merit to be in the conversation than who does? And the people who work at twitter are not qualified to make such a decision. The point is if it is not ‘ok’ for Dr. Robert Malone to be part of the conversation, then who can be allowed to be a part of the conversation. No one can debate that Dr. Robert Malone played a major of role in the development of the MRNA technology. It really starts to touch on some fundamental positions regarding freedom of speech. Theres no way to confirm what was the tweet that got Dr. Robert Malone deplatformed, and this isn’t the first time this has happened, this happened with Linkedin as well. There are many many studies that show that natural immunity is superior to any other type of immunity. So what is the trusted news initiative? The BBC announced to the world that this organization that ties Big Technology to Big Government was built specifically to protect voting integrity from hostile offshore players. Shortly after it was created, there was an awareness in the pharmaceutical industry that this could be used against the perioral antivaxxers. Its makes it really easy for the media to take people off the table that they deem to be spreading false information. Remember, Tony Fauci and Francis Collins the director of the NIH basically came out and said that they would ridicule and destroy “fringe epidemiologists” and what was their crime? Their crime was raising concerns over the effectiveness of locking down society over the pandemic. What we’re seeing with Vaers today, or vaccine adverse events reports, we’re seeing an explosion of mortality directly after COVID-19 injection. There are also a lot of rumors that hospitals are getting paid per COVID-19 death and then they are compensated by the government. Basically, there is a $3,000 death of COVID-19 incentive and there is also an incentive to report positive COVID-19 patients and the hospitals receive bonuses if the hospitals can declare patients to be COVID-19 positive. And tragically, there is also an incentive to put people on ventilators. And now Pfizer is caught redhanded of discharging patients that experienced adverse side effects from the vaccine during test trials. Who is signing off on this and how are they getting away with it. And to bring it home, these entities are hunting the good physicians that are trying to sound the alarm. Case in point, Baylor university has been suing Doctor Peter McCullough who is now hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt trying to defend his medical license and Baylor is getting funded to perform these attacks from an unknown outside entity. Its hard for Dr. Robert Malone to reconcile what the government is doing its due diligence when it comes to the data, and the fact that they are pulling effective treatments like monoclonal antibodies in order to help push more vaccines should concern everybody. But think about all the craziness already, and the disclosure of emails actively conspired to destroy any discussion of the appropriateness of lockdown strategies and there are no consequences. We’re in an environment where truth and consequences are fungible and the truth is whatever those who are managing the trusted news network says. It is a cost benefit analysis when it comes to misbehavior, they are not grounded in ethical decisions nor are they grounded in the real world, their main motivation is profits and these large massive hedge funds that is funding this entire thing have no moral core and of course our society has become fragmented which is leading to mass formation and psychosis.
There is a march for freedom on January 23rd a Sunday, their objective is to end the vaccine mandates and no vaccine passports, no to censorship, no to propaganda that we are constantly bombarded with, we allow doctors to make decisions to treat patients.