Climate Change "science" has POLITICAL bias


Ryan Dawson


Published on Oct 17, 2016

Climate change!!! Don't be Anti Science!! There is a consensus! But science!... It's false dichotomy to assert that skepticism in a scientific claim is anti-science. No one is questioning the validity of the scientific method, they're questioning the corrosive influence of politics in science. Climate change has political bias. Denying that there is a political push behind this is to deny reality.

Controlling gas emissions means control over energy and agriculture. It's the new way to oppress the third world. Politics effects what we are told science says. They used to say smoking cigarettes was healthy too and they knew it wasn't. Admitting it led to cancer took pulling teeth. But the tobacco lobby got the results it wanted for decades. Lobbying had marijuana painted as "reefer madness" and it was not. That doesn't mean it is healthy but it was certainly not what it was exaggerated to be. It wont make you blind, jump out a window, or play the piano too fast. Over and over again agriculture lobbies have created the latest dietary fads about foods and which are health and what is so bad for you. Dietary fads change like the direction of the wind.

It's about money not science especially when you are relying on correlation studies and statistics. Statistics can be stretched and fudged. They are not at all a hard science like chemistry or physics. We can't even predict daily weather much less a hundred year scale. The warming and cooling cycle has existed longer than people have been on the planet. Cherry picking a graph that starts at the industrial revolution and ignoring everything before it, is not science. It's government. It's as honest as saying Iran is enriching uranium for a bomb. They are not and we know they are not. You need over 90% for a bomb and they were in the 3% rang. Again science has been brow beaten by government.

Universities need government funding. It's easy to get people to fall in line when you equate skeptics to global warming as anti-science. It's like saying opposing the war is makes you against the troops. No one wants that stigma so they stay quiet. A lot of smart people fear voicing support for Donald Trump because the media branded him a sexist racist xenophobe. And no liberal especially, wants that stigma. The odd thing is the very opposite is true. It's the extremist liberal identity politics obsessed left who is prejudice and witch hunting. They ignore science when it comes to things like there being only two genders. Again that ordeal is political not scientific. Based on Biology one can not simply deny physical reality through the magic of self identification. Well at least not unless enough people scream at you and call you prejudice unless you comply.

I'm telling you science is not pure. It is polluted by politics. Climate change is a gambit to control the third world. Now just because politics influences science that doesn't mean we should doubt every issue. But it does mean that we should be allowed to within reason. In History, consensus has been broken many times in science. Even saying the earth is flat was something that had been debunked for ages, but the belief was promoted for as long as it was for political reasons. The Church had said the earth was flat and religion and government were one in the same. A round earth undermined the Bible and the validity of the religion. And so naysayers had their books burned or were put in prison or even were killed. Eventually commerce won the day and so the belief in the round Earth for trade sake was finally allowed to disseminate.

If you want to talk about climate change with a skeptic of political purity not of science, then do it. But don't be smug and dismissive. You may know about science. but if you dont know about Politics and History too then you dont really understand at all why people are doubting the new chicken little, Noah's Ark story.

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