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Published on Aug 20, 2012

Assange rapist, radical publisher, neither or both? Gavin Esler, Joan Smith and Craig Murray.
First I knew about the Crayfish Party ;-)
When Julian Assange arrived in Sweden in August 2010 he was greeted like a conquering hero. But within weeks there was a warrant out for his arrest and he was being investigated for rape and sexual molestation. Today he is taking sanctuary in the Ecuadorean Embassy in London, arguing he won't receive justice if he's taken to Sweden and that US authorities are building a case for his extradition.
Next, Four Corners reporter Andrew Fowler examines in detail what happened in those crucial weeks while Julian Assange was in Sweden. What was the nature of his relationship with the two women who claim he assaulted them? And what did they tell police that led the authorities to seek his arrest?
"I will not tell any media how I am going to represent the women in court." Lawyer for Anna Ardin and Sofia Wilén
Both Assange and his supporters believe the attempt by authorities to force his return to Sweden is simply the first step in a plan to see him extradited to the United States.
"Sweden has frankly always been the United States' lapdog and it's not a matter we're particularly proud of." Assange supporter
"The US has nothing to do with the issue here, it's simply a matter between the UK and Sweden." Jeffrey L. Bleich, US Ambassador to Australia
Four Corners looks at claims the United States is working hard to unearth evidence that would lead to a charge of "conspiracy to commit espionage" being made against Assange - which in turn would be used in his extradition from Sweden. The program also documents the harassment experienced by Assange's supporters across the globe - including his Australian lawyer - and the FBI's attempts to convince some to give evidence against him.
"Sex, Lies and Julian Assange", reported by Andrew Fowler and presented by Kerry O'Brien.

The hypocrisy of the Western oligarchy, that puts so much emphasis on the "rights" of human, and then proceeds to take the "Gulag" to the dissidents within their domain of influence. This is a much more sophisticated attempt in dealing with dissent, and coercion of dissidents, than the primitive mode of sending the dissidents into "Gulags".
The fact that Craig stood in front of the Ecuadoran embassy and referred to his own bitter ordeal, out in the open recollecting the shameful accusations of "shags for visa" allegations which were levelled at him and perused in legal channels, only for these shameless allegations to be found totally baseless slurs against him.
Craig then recollecting Janis Karpinski's bitter ordeal, and the allegations of shoplifting levelled at her, and going to finally refer to Assange getting fitted up. This then is totally ignored by the hit peace in guardian that deliberately ignores Craig's actual speech, and him going on record, to qualify his contentions, is only a natural component of the Gulag being taken to the dissident.
Those hacks in guardian are reliant on ignorance of the people whom have not heard Craig speech. They extrapolate thus, then engaging in the campaign of shameless disinformation to be fed to the public who actually pays to buy the rag that is feeding these the puerile propaganda. Talk about brainwashing in the DPRK, but not here in UK, after all we all know we are free! (yeah I should cocoa too)
The fact that each dissident has had their baptism of fire, all loosing their livelihood, all ending in the various legal binds and traps set before them. Those dissidents deemed to be lucky stay alive and get tortured mentally and physically to end their days as David Shayler does. Others not so lucky are suicided, or accidneted, to keep the band wagon rolling. These are the moral lessons taught to those other concerned citizens whom function within the plutocratic system to remind them; "Memento mori ", simply put; nail that sticks out gets hammered in.
Thus in the West never send our dissidents to Gulags, for those dissident each are furnished with their very own Gulag, a much more efficient and cost effective measure, with the additional benefit of the superiority hat is sought and gained by occupation of the moral high ground.

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