The Bibi Legacy of Chaos & Destruction and the Dangers of Israel's 1-6


The Antedote


Published on Jun 7, 2021

Part 2 of 2. Greg and Jeremy follow up on their last show with a discussion of the events of the past week in Israel, particularly the announcement of a "coalition" government that appears to signal the end of Benjamin Netanyahu's second reign as Prime Minister. We talk about Naftali Bennett, set to be the next prime minister, and the reasons to be concerned about this. We also discuss some on the ground Israeli perspectives which warn that things are very tense and how this is similar to the post 2020 election atmosphere in the US, and the potential of even more chaos. We also talk about understanding the nature of the traditional US/Israel "special relationship" and the complicity of our own institutions in enabling and sponsoring the ongoing occupation of Palestine, and balancing that reality with the understanding that Netanyahu and others like him on a global scale represent something that is far outside of the normal understood political dynamic between the US and Israel. We close by briefly following up on our previous discussion of the Middle East "debate" hosted by Infowars between Robert Barnes and Nick Fuentes.

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