2017 AmRen Conference: "Reports from the Field"


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Published on Jun 25, 2020

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The 2017 American Renaissance Conference: "Turning the Tide."

Several “reports from the field” are given by prominent figures in our movement. Nathan Damigo speaks about his youth organization, Identity Evropa, which from modest beginnings has rapidly grown to more than 700 members. It has attracted national attention for its activism on college campuses and elsewhere.

Richard Spencer speaks about his new website, AltRight.com, and his plans to publish several major subversive books in the coming months. He also describes the alliances he has been building with other movement groups, and announces a National Policy Institute conference.

Daniel Friberg speaks about the increasingly indispensable alt-right publishing house, Arktos Media, and displays a graph showing dramatic annual increases in sales. His publishing house has been the first to translate many vital European thinkers into English.

Finally, Simon Roche speaks eloquently of the dire situation in South Africa and how his organization, Suidlanders, is preparing for the real possibility of civil war. “We are not leaving the land that has been our home since April 6, 1652,” he says to enthusiastic applause.


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