Is Sam Harris Losing His Audience To Jordan Peterson? (2018)


Mouthy Buddha


Published on May 27, 2018

Who is winning the war of influence on religion?
And how have my own thoughts come together on this topic?

I still very much appreciate Sam Harris's work, but his views on religion often feel incomplete.
Although I have heard him reference the "beauty of the call to prayer" and other admissions to the aesthetic factors he likes, he seems to have tossed out the baby, failing to emphasize certain qualities of "religion" that we might need.
This isn't to say his critiques of faith aren't primarily true.
His focus on rationality is a rarity, and it's refreshing.
But because his focus on religion is so trimmed down (although razor sharp) other people have come along filling the holes Sam seems to have left open...

1. Prisoners: Johann Johansson - The Candlelight Vigil
2. Suzanne Vega "Tom's Diner" acoustic guitar cover finger-style

Listen to the audiobook " WAKING UP" By Sam Harris:

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