Snowpiercer 🚅 | Mad Max Fury Road Decoded 🚚


rosette delacroix


Published on Apr 21, 2018

This presentation uncovers the hidden symbolism in Snowpiercer and Mad Max Fury Road. We will compare and contrast both films as well as show connections with other films. We will look at numbers, symbols and how they relate to the Tarot. The main theme for both movies is "change of HEART" or REDEMPTION. It shows who we are and where we are heading. Remember the HEART is the EARTH. We DO live in a very special place. Wake up and remember.

*Note* This is a re-upload minus the movie clips since YT gave me a copyright strike because of them. So hopefully this one doesn't get messed with. Why I don't just keep the original up is because this one is much better quality and has all the updated information.

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