Matthew Heimbach and the Perils of Wignatism


The Alternative Hypothesis


Published on Apr 7, 2020

It's wigger time! Not the typical "highbrow" content, but this dip needs to be dunked on before he starts thinking he has any place in the public space. Lets be the "boot in the face" that he talks about.

Apparently Jason Kessler, the Mosley guy (who said he was in the army but wasn't) and our very own Baked Alaska are joining this transparent psy-op in some last gasp for relevance.

Baked Alaska is especially amazing - he wasn't even a wignat. He just went straight to ex-wignat.

It's a gaggle of disgraced losers who got PTSD from being BTFO'd by literally everyone they ever knew, and maybe this is their corny attempt at revenge? I never thought of that angle. That this is just the butthurt buttercreamer brigade desperate to soothe their jimmies and try to distance themselves from the nightmare that is themselves by externalizing it as "the movement" when really it's just them.

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