12/14/20 Mon: BLM-MSM Attack Stop the Steal!




Published on Dec 14, 2020

0:00 Returning after stream drop!
1:20 Supreme Court
10:31 Stop the Steal rallies!
20:44 Super Chats from today, Fri
23:13 Earl in MI
35:13 Samuel in Sweden
42:33 NPR on DC Proud Boys
56:50 Let You Go - Bright Lights
1:01:38 Art in OH
1:15:05 BGTG in L.A.
1:20:34 Shutdowns, Depression, Suicide
1:30:47 Tony in CA
1:34:58 Robert in KS
1:45:07 Pardon Assange, etc.?
1:52:08 Sasha Obama
1:56:41 Thanks, all!

The Hake Report, Monday, December 14, 2020 – NOTE: The stream dropped in the first five minutes! See very beginning 4-minutes: https://youtu.be/SnT6d_Cti4k

SCOTUS rejects TX; Trump calls out RINOs.
Stop the Steal rallies, plenty of violence in DC, not HB/CA!
Should Trump pardon Lil Wayne/[real name]? Assange? Snowden?
PETTY: Sasha Obama...we know Malia’s turned evil and corrupt.
Also check out Hake News from today.

Earl from Michigan thinks Alito and Thomas rejected the evidence, and that we think Trump is on the side of truth. He also thinks Jesse’s ridiculous for saying we don’t make decisions.
Samuel from Sweden says he’s applied for a job, and was advised to be a welder! He’ll sing Christmas songs this coming Sunday on his show.
Art from Ohio brings some solid Stop the Steal points about weak RINOs, and says Trump 2020 to this day!
BGTG from Los Angeles, CA brings questions to the free will / decision believers.
Tony from California thinks Proud Boys were burning and looting AME churches in DC.
Robert from Kansas wants Trump to arrest Obama, Biden, etc., and says globalists want China owning the economy, America being the military.

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