B-26 Marauder! (2002, WWII Documentary)

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Alexander IV


Published on Jul 26, 2020

It was one of the most feared, controversial and successful aircraft of World War II. And it underwent a reversal of fortune unmatched by any other plane. When the B-26 Marauder was introduced in 1940, it was the most advanced mid-range bomber in the world. But it soon acquired a reputation for being difficult to fly, and it was labeled the "Widowmaker." This film reveals how the B-26 narrowly escaped being pulled from service. Pilots like Jimmy Doolittle argued that its intricacies could be mastered and that the B-26 would prove to be an outstanding plane. They were right. It's pinpoint accuracy - seen here in archival film of the bombing of the Benedictine Abbey on Monte Casino - was unmatched, and its speed and remarkably low loss rate eventually made the Marauder a favorite of U.S. aviators. Interviews with the men who flew it, archival footage and dramatic reenactments bring to life the complete story of one of the most important WWII bombers.

Alexander IV History's supplementary notes:
From the "Battle Stations" series.
Narrated by: David Robb
Extended Interview with B-26 Pilot Jim Conlan is joined to the end of the film 44:17


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