SJW MELTDOWNS COMPILATION 2017 #1 (Super Triggered Edition)


50 Shades


Published on Feb 4, 2017

Meet Professor Trigglypuff! And nice to meet you.
I never thought we will ever find such gold on YouTube but here it is. SJW freakout compilation 2017 #1 brought to you by your friendly neighborhood gremlin 50 shades! Love you but no homo!

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She is an NYU professor that was triggered by Gavin McInnes and cops were being yelled at by this social justice warrior. I had to make this one quickly and not much editing was on this particular compilation. I will be making other videos and it's a surprise. Cheers c*nts.

berkeley riots 2017

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More fails, cringe and funny videos to come.

rebecca goyette crazy sjw feminist meltdown