In Nacht und Eis - A 1912 Silent Drama about Titanic (Part 1)




Published on Jan 24, 2009

Famous for being the first Titanic movie in history, "In Nacht und Eis" (translated: "In Night and Ice") was released in August 1912 in Germany. The film used revolutionary special effects for the time, utilizing a toy boat for the sinking sequence and also featuring sparks shooting from the funnels (as well as an explosion for the boilers exploding). Some footage was shot on board the Kaiserin Augusta Victoria, then a very popular ocean liner. After 1914, the film was thought to be lost forever. It was not until 1998 that it was found by a film collector in his private archives. I saw it on Turner Classic Movies in 1999, but it has not been shown on TV since then. I'm posting this on YouTube because it's an important film, and it could risk being lost again if anything happen's to the film collector's version. Thankfully, the risk has been reduced with the introduction of the Internet.