Chicano Park Is An Illegal Cemetery, Dead "Heros" Interred


Patriot Fire


Published on Nov 12, 2017

Interring your dead in a public park is illegal in San Diego County unless you have obtained permission from the Department of Health. The City has allowed the Chicanos to totally take over the this park. For that reason, they can violate the law and discriminate against people as they like at the Park without any consequences at all.

The Chicanos say that Chicano Park is sacred land, that they own it and can do whatever they like with it, even though it's supposed to be a public park. It is apparently also a cemetery. According to a recent letter, the Chicanos inter their dead heroes in the grassy area around the statue of Zapata. The flowers and sugar skulls at the bottom of this statue are from the Dia de los Muertos celebration, when were were apparently remembering their dead Chicano heroes. You could say Chicano Park is like "Arlington National Cemetery" for Chicanos.

Burial Permits required by CA State law.

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