Australian Cleric: Women Shouldn't Put Themselves Out If They Don't Want Privacy Invaded Sexually




Published on Oct 11, 2018

Australian cleric Nassim Abdi delivered two lectures in which he spoke about women, modesty, and the sin of fornication. In the first lecture, titled "Modesty… Or A Lack Thereof!" and uploaded to YouTube on April 20, Abdi criticized men who allow their female family members to "beautify themselves." Abdi said that Allah created women to be in their homes, and that education, work, and visiting can be done within Islamic guidelines but should not be the norm. He also criticized Muslim women who "scream and shout like clowns" in public places. In the second lecture, titled "Fornication: Its Pathways and Branches" and uploaded on August 15, Abdi said that fornication is a natural consequence of the "beautification of women." Abdi said that while he does not justify sexual abuse, women who do not want their privacy invaded sexually should not "put [themselves] out there." He criticized the West for not caring "about the honor of their women," and said that the infidels "love the fact" that Muslim youth commit fornication. Nassim Abdi is a cleric with the Australian Ahlus Sunnah Wal Jammah (ASWJ) Association, and both lectures were uploaded to the ASWJ Auburn Media YouTube channel. Nassim Abdi drew criticism from Australian media in September 2018 for a sermon in which he said women must not refuse their husbands intimacy.