Dr. Stephen Hsu Talks Race, IQ, and Poverty (Sources Linked)


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Published on Sep 12, 2017

By law, the U.S. military rejects sub 83 IQ applicants.

Fact: 1/2 a group has an IQ less than the group average.

Whilst we wish it wasn't true, 100 plus years of IQ testing prove different races, have different IQ averages.

That said, it's racist, and scientifically false, to prejudge anyone's IQ test score based upon race. However, given a large enough sample size, IQ averages are not disputed.

A simple Bell Curve chart illustrates the differences visually.

Statistically, as one moves right or left of the Bell Curve center, ratios/numbers more clearly illustrated disparities.


1:2600 Black to White ----------------------140 plus IQ ratio
1:15,000 Black to Ashkenazi Jewish --140 plus IQ ratio

In other words:
For every American of Sub-Saharan African ancestry aka Black/Negro/African American (who average 20% European DNA) with a 140 IQ:

There are:

2,600 Americans of European ancestry/White Race
15,000 Americans of Ashkenazi Jewish Ancestry
(Jews are an ethno-religious group, identifiable via DNA)

Average IQs;

115 Ashkenazi Jews
105 Asians (Han Chinese, Japanese, Korean)
100 Europeans (aka White)
89 Native Americans & non-European Hispanics
85 North Americans of Sub-Saharan ancestry (aka Black)
68 Natives of Sub-Saharan Africa (non-European DNA)

Again, 50% of members of any group, have an IQ LESS THAN the average. Ex: 50% of Whites have a sub 100 IQ

Ratio: 1:42,000

For every Sub-Saharan African with a 140 plus IQ,
there are 42,000 Whites/Europeans.
(Excluding Muslims, who due to inbreeding aka cousin marriage, have a 10 point lower IQ average)

IQ is the most peer reviewed field within Psychology.

In 100 plus years, there has never been an IQ test anywhere on planet earth that showed results differently ranked than noted here, or with IQ point variances of more than 3 to 5 points.

This includes verification by governments, psychologists, and colleges throughout the world, including historically Black College, Howard University, liberal Yale, Oxford, and countless others.


How do we help sub 83 IQ people?

What IQ do you think is required for a:
Police officer?
Retail Store Manager?
High School Teacher?
Earn a B.A. in a real major?
Earn a PhD in a hard science?
Earn a M.D.?
Pass the legal bar exam?
Pass the series 7/stockbroker exam?
Write computer code/earn a job high tech?
The good news?
"Systematic racism" doesn't exist.

Those with similar IQs, achieve similar academic, career and financial success, regardless of :
Race or ethnicity
School district
Money spent per student
College degree
SES born into
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Meta study link 2:
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