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Published on Oct 9, 2017

BREAKING: Dana White, President of the UFC warns sissy Jason Aldean to NOT return to Las Vegas ever!Aldean and Route 91 Harvest Festival.Become an InspoNews partner @ PATREON: https://www.patreon.com/insponews
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Hope they all have liability insurance! Even lefty Ariana Grande went back to do a dedication music set for her grieving fans! The "Cowboy" doesn't have the guts of little EDM singer Ariana? Jason Aldean is a DISGRACE to American manhood & shows everything that is wrong about our celebrities & what Americans value. Without saying a word of warning, whimpering Jason Aldean ran for his life off the stage as his fans were being slaughtered in a KILL BOX below Mandalay Bay Hotel by Las Vegas Mass Shooter Stephen Paddock & other pro Shadow gov. shooters. Although InspoNews does not fully blame Aldean for running -Jason did not warn his fans and many were killed or injured in the state of confusion that followed not knowing what was going on. Add to that that Jason Aldean stood up his wounded fans and the grieving families who had convened on Las Vegas (some to undergo the traumatic task of identifying their dead loved ones)were expecting Jason to return nearly a week later for a dedication performance at a SOLD OUT UFC event put together by UFC President Dana White but he and his self centered agent said that "Jason was too traumatized " and too "scared" to return to Las Vegas. Jason would rather perform on the ANTIFA friendly, left- wing NBC Saturday Night Live (SNL). Evidently, convenience for his SNL comfort zone-a"safe zone" to surround this prima donna coward was more important then visiting his hurting fans in Las Vegas! Dana White wants to kick his butt. Dana White is a American patriot! While Jason't hurting and loyal fans showed up at the huge UFC venue - Jason was no where to be found and it was as if he reopened their sorrowful hearts all over again. FAKE COWBOY ! Just another ego centric entertainer.
We here at InspoNews can understand why Jason ran like a little girl off that stage. What we can't understand is why he didn't take a moment to scream "fire" or "gunfire" or "active shooter" etc.so as to warn his unsuspecting fans who for nearly 5-10 minutes sat or stood there confused - some thinking it was a humorous finale - others thinking it was FIREWORKS etc. And what an UNCARING NEGLIGENT Route 91 Harvest Concert staff - both who had access to wireless mics and a live PA system - but refused to WARN the festival guests!!! There should be a law - a security protocol enacted to prevent this from ever happening again!! Disgusting. . We sadly, now live under the Shadow of a treasonous alternative Government - a "Shadow Government" that has become bolder and colder in its quest to bring down our Constitution, 2nd Amendment rights to bear arms families and loved ones of these precious victims. InspoNews has just learned that several big time attorneys are consulting with victims and their families to file 100 million dollar law suits against Aldean, The Festival, the Mandalay Bay Hotel & even the Federal Gov. if it can be proven that there was reckless endangerment by the festival and an ensuing cover up by FBI and other investigative law enforcement agencies.
We applaud the UFC and Dana White for caring for Jason Aldean's forsaken fans and for speaking up for them. Like President Donald Trump, Dana White is a American Patriot and loves this country and it's people. He and President Trump were dismayed by Jason Aldean's cold and insensitive response to his grieving fans. Stay tuned for more information regarding the early stages of the legal remedies for the innocent victims who did not know what to do even after the shooting went on for for 5-10 minutes! Outrageous and sad!
Summary: So sad how America's singers and entertainers are so selfish not to care about their own fans who have suffered as a result of them (or their staffs) failing to warn the people to flee an active shooter. So tragic! Unnecessary confusion because no public announcement was ever given the unsuspecting crowd. This may have saved more lives!
God bless our country. May we all learn from this and change the security protocols of large outdoor events as well as institute a terror warning system over the PA to help the crowds present.
Thank you for your continued support for these reports. News before the news that tells you like it is. (fc) 10-20-17
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