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Live Q&A: China’s Virus Lab Exposed; Fauci Accused of Lying About Funding Gain-of-Function Research


Crossroads with JOSHUA PHILIPP


Published on Sep 7, 2021

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Newly released documents detail US funding on several virus research programs going to the Wuhan Institute of Virology in China. The documents, which were obtained by The Intercept through Freedom of Information Act, requests detail information about individuals including EcoHealth Alliance President Peter Daszak and their connections to the lab. And in related news, Sen. Rand Paul claims that the documents show Dr. Anthony Fauci had been lying about funding gain-of-function research. In this live Q&A with Crossroads host Joshua Philipp we’ll discuss these stories and others, and answer questions from the audience.

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Live Q&A: Documents Expose China’s Virus Lab; Fauci Accused of Lying

0:00 Intro
5:47 Newly Released Documents Detail US-Funded Coronavirus Research at Wuhan Institute of Virology: Report
14:15 Newly Disclosed Documents Show Fauci Lied About Gain-of-Function Research Funding: Sen. Paul
28:12 Fauci: COVID-19 Boosters Likely Will Start With Pfizer Shot Only
33:30 Q&A
56:05 ‘One Stop Shop’ Vaccine Passport and Check In App for Australian State NSW
59:05 COVID-19 Vaccine Passports Will Be Imposed on UK This Month: Minister
59:15 Sweden Announces It Will Remove Most Remaining COVID-19 Restrictions
59:23 Arizona Attorney General: COVID-19 Vaccine Mandate for City Employees Is Unconstitutional
59:55 Attorney on Ohio Ivermectin Case: Why You Don’t Have the Right to Try?
1:01:21 Biden to Outline ‘6-Step Plan’ to Curb COVID-19 Delta Variant: White House
1:02:55 Mu CCP Virus Variant Detected in 49 US States

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