Published on Jan 14, 2009

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Prof. Dr. Ing. Libor Brom

Scientists claim that man is nothing but an accidental accumulation of odd material put together during a very brief fragment of time, doomed ultimately to disintegrate. The human body, they say, is composed of one octillion atoms, and three trillion of such atoms would form the period at the end of this sentence. They add that an atom is not actual material. If enlarged to one hundred meters in diameter, its contents would amount to waves moving with the speed of light, or faster, and the socalled material in such an extended atom would be no more than a pinhead.

Scientists do not tell us what man is. Jesus Christ does. And He tells us how to live. That our thoughts and deeds must follow the example He gave during His short Journey on earth. That as children of God we have been given eternal life through His death and resurrection.

Christ could have saved the octillion atoms found in His human form. He could have made a compromise with Satan. He could have retracted His teachings and denied His heritage before Pilate. He could have surrendered to the momentary doubts on the Cross and shown Himself to be another ordinary bewildered mortal. But Jesus chose to do otherwise. He accepted the Cross and left it as an example of Manhood.

There is no greater Love than the Cross. There is no greater Holy Day than the Resurrection.

Freely translated from: 
Libor Brom. Utokem. Mnichov-Hartford-Melbourne: Komenskeho Svetova Rada, 1983.

Prof. Dr. Ing. Libor Brom
(1923 - 2006)
Libor Brom was professor of Foreign Languages and Literatures 
and director of Russian Area Studies at the University of Denver. 
He is the author of nine books and a great deal of studies in the field of Slavic culture and civilization. 
In addition, he has lectured at numerous institutions of leaming and before many civic and 
religious groups on education, literature, and inrernational relations. 
He has appeared on three continents and often on radio and television. 
A native Czechoslovakian, Dr. Brom is an American citizen. 
He received his education at the Czechoslovak Institute of Technology, School of Economics, 
the Charles University of Prague, School of law, the San Francisco State University, 
and the University of Colorado. In Europe, Dr. Brom served as an economist and lawyer in 
International Business and as the chief planner in the research 
development, and normalization of Czechoslovak river shipbuilding. 
As a professor in the United States, he was selected by the Modern Ianguage Association of America 
as the Teacher wih Superlative Performance, named The American by Choice in Colorado, 
and received a National Americanism Medal. 
In the College Book by the Ballantine Books of New York, 1984 he is named Denver University's best professor. 
Dr. Brom served in the leadership of many national and international organizations 
and was imprisoned by both the Nazis and the Communists. 
He is listed in Who's Who in America and Who's Who in the World.


Song "Thorns of the Sacred Heart" by Rafael Brom

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Rafael Brom

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