Crusader Gal's Social Stream 10/28/2021


Sarah Corriher


Published on Oct 28, 2021

This live show covered the degeneracy promoted by candy companies, the purge of whites from museums and colleges, the Biden Administration's plan to reward illegal aliens, and more.

00:00 -- Intro
00:20 -- Twix commercial promotes trans kid
4:43 -- Young children taken to gay bars
13:29 -- Pro-vaxxer drives vehicle into protest group
17:49 -- "Rachel" Levine gets women's victory
19:48 -- NZ Prime Minister De-humanizes Masses
22:29 -- Why it's so hard to fix from here
27:58 -- $10 million payout due to anti-white discrimination
34:40 -- $450,000 payouts to illegal immigrants
41:33 -- Andrew Cuomo charged over sexual impropriety
49:40 -- Imperial College purges the white unfit
58:47 -- BBC interviewee promotes war rationing
1:05:34 -- Trans rapist found guilt in Loudon County, VA

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