Hitler's Circle of Evil.8of10.Rise of the Sycophants (2017, 720p)


Alexander IV


Published on Mar 12, 2018

Its early 1942. The Nazi’s invasion of Soviet Russia has reached a critical stage. Hitler needs to build more tanks and aircraft fast but he takes an extraordinary gamble. He promotes his friend and favourite architect Albert Speer to save the war effort. It’s a decision that soon stirs up a rat’s nest of jealousy and intrigue. Speer’s rise will put him into the firing line of the most notorious figures within the Fuhrer’s inner circle. It’s a confrontation that will threaten his very life.
Features: James Holland (Historian & Author), Dr. Toby Thacker (Cardiff University), Guy Walters (Historian & Author), Prof. Sönke Neitzel (University of Potsdam) and Emma Craigie (Historian & Author).
-- This is shared without profit for educational and historical purposes. ---

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