UK government financially destroys, SANCTIONS Graham Phillips, UK Donbass journalist, Severodonetsk




Published on Aug 5, 2022

Graham Phillips sanctioned by UK government, financially destroyed without any chance of defence

Graham Phillips
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Visit After 9/11 To Go Shooting­, says Ambassador - Prince Charles skipped a visit to Ground Zero after 9/11 because going "shooting at Balmoral had taken precedence," according to the memoir of a former U.K. ambassador to Washington. The future king could have joined grieving Americans in New York City a month after Al-Qaeda's attack brought down the World Trade Center in 2001. However, Sir Christopher Meyer, Britain's ambassador to the U.S. from 1997 to 2003, described how the Prince of Wales left brother Prince Andrew to conduct the visit while he went shooting instead. The account in 2005 book DC Confidential comes after The Sunday Times reported Charles accepted a £1 million ($1.2 million) donation to one of his charities from the bin Laden family. Clarence House said the donation had been accepted by trustees of The Prince of Wales' Charitable Fund. Meyer wrote: "The Prince [Andrew] had come to New York to discharge duties that had been intended for his elder brother, the heir to the throne. The Prince of Wales was patron of an event called 'UK in New York.' "This had been planned long before 9/11 as a fortnight in October to promote British business in the Big Apple. Despite being patron Prince Charles had been unable to come to New York for the event, much to the chagrin of the organizers. "I was told by a deep throat not a million miles from the Prince's household that shooting at Balmoral had taken precedence. Prince Andrew stepped into the breach." It is not clear whether Charles pulled out before or after the terrorist attack that would ultimately drag America into wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. However, if the decision was taken before, Charles still had a full month to shunt his brother out of the way and take his place on the high profile visit, which took place on October 15, 2001. The book added: "Andrew did a fine job representing Britain. He bathed in the warm appreciation of New Yorkers. It would have been a golden opportunity for the Prince of Wales to escape the shadow of Princess Diana and make a fresh start with America­something, so I was told by a courtier, he and his advisers earnestly wanted."

British Govt sanction financially destroy British Journalist Graham Phillips Reporting From Donbass - Prince Charles Rocked by Reports of $1.2 Million Charity Donation From Bin Laden Family - Small Private Firm In Cornwall To Deliver Government's Huge £70 Billion Net Zero Policies - What Does 4th Reich's 'False Prophet' Yuval Noah Harari Say About Ukraine War? - Prince Charles Skipped Ground Zero Visit After 9/11 To Go Shooting­, says Ambassador - NOT The BCfm Politics Show presented by Tony Gosling

Ukrainian Army Yelenovka POW massacre

Amnesty International declares Ukrainian Army is deliberately endangering civilians. 80% of Ukrainian schools being used as 'cover' by the Ukrainian Army

Graham Phillips sanctioned by UK government, financially destroyed without any chance of defence

Nancy Pelosi Microchips trip to Taiwan or just a provocation – largest ever drills

Dena is a Ukrainian refugee now living in London. She shares her discomfort with Tony at a 'Just Keep Talking' event which is blaming NATO for the conflict.

Interview with former UK ambassador to Syria, Peter Ford, at the Just Keep Talking event, Tea House Theatre, Vauxhall, London. Nancy Pelosi Taiwan China war provocation trip for US domestic consumption.

News stories being targeted by social media companies at 'floating voters' – people having their buttos pressed with their views being constantly under scrutiny for change by carefuly targeted persuasive articles. David Livingstone article on this about David Icke working for the Illuminati without even necessarily realising it:

FALSE PROPHET WATCH: Yuval Noah Harari gives his Zionist Russophobic take, which the globalist elite are blindly following, on the Ukraine war back in March 2022. He believes that police can predict who might be criminals in the future and arrest them before they even plan a crime! Like the film 'Minority Report from 2002. For the False Prophet this particular Sci-Fi is true. MARTIN SUMMERS EXPLAINS IN DETAIL HOW THE UKRAINE WAR REALLY STARTED.

Dr Vladimir Zelenko explains how the world's psychopatic criminal elite such as Klaus Schwab, Mark Zuckerberg and Bill Gates hang on Yuval Noah Harari's every word

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