Report by Press Centre Chief of Vostok Group of Forces (May 6, 2023)


Djuki San


Published on May 6, 2023


💥 In South Donetsk direction, the units of the Vostok Group of Forces uncovered the advance of the enemy reconnaissance group to the south of Novomikhailovka. Supported by artillery, the AFU unit was destroyed, 4 fighters were eliminated.

◽️ Tulpan self-propelled mortar crew destroyed a temporary deployment point in Velikaya Novosyolka, eliminating 7 militants.

◽️ In the area of Ugledar, artillery destroyed the enemy armoured vehicle with 5 militants, an anti-tank guided missile destroyed the enemy tank.

◽️ Lancet barrage munition destroyed the enemy L-119 British-manufactured howitzer near Shevchenko.

◽️ Osa-AKM SAM system shot down Furya unmanned aerial vehicle.

💥 In Zaporozhye direction, while conducting aerial reconnaissance, artillery detected and destroyed two trucks and up to 18 militants near Zelenoye Pole, one truck and 3 militants near Dorozhnyanka, one pickup truck and 3 militants near Novodanilovka.

◽️ Lancet barrage munition destroyed British L-119 howitzer near Uspenovka and the enemy Buk-M1 air defence system near Maksimovka.

◽️ Krasnopol high-precision munition destroyed the enemy multi-purpose light-armoured towing vehicle near the Malye Shcherbaki.

◽️ Tor and Strela-10 air defence systems intercepted 3 enemy UAVs.

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