Jewish Mafia Thoughts on Black People


Ancestral Productions

Published on Apr 23, 2014

It seems that a common reaction of many Black people presented with the abundant but little spoken of history of "Jewish" racism is to characterize the historical record and label it mere alarmist propaganda. This is incorrect. The data is overwhelming. Talmudic racists systematically train their children to view black children and all non "Jews" as less than human. To characterize the historical record as alarmist propaganda is an act of ignorance (or denial).

These "Jewish" racists designate all non "Jews" less than human status, forever. So beware of those that say "Oh that's that Farrakhan stuff" because that too is denial that characterizes the data instead of observing it . Moreover, "That Farrakhan stuff" in regards to these "Jewish" racists is well documented by "Jewish" scholars themselves.

And to our white brethren watching: these same "Jewish" racists view you and your children with the same disdain.

Now re-watch the video above and know they talk this way of you black man and black woman. Share it with those you would protect.

Also consider that "masonry" reveals none of this to the public.

Its time for some new masons and a church without walls:

"Sunlight is the best disinfectant"

- Louis Brandeis

We're just getting started here: Really

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