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Published on Dec 13, 2020

This interview was conducted with Václav Klaus, the former Prime Minister of Czech Republic, on the current Covid-19 situation and the prospect for human freedom. He has a rich perspective and experience having spent most of his life under a communist system and shares his views freely.

This interview is apart of a full length documentary, Planet Lockdown, and is being released in advance of the film for those that wish to learn more about the world and where we are.

Lunch interview: https://youtu.be/kyrI4kurMnc

The full length film will be released late January 2021. Until than the full interviews will be released for those seeking knowledge.

The full film, when released, will be available at https://www.PlanetLockdownFilm.com

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Václav Klaus Biography:

Since March 1996 Václav Klaus has served as Vice-Chairman of the European Democratic Union (EDU) and in June 2002 was elected Vice-Chairman of the International Democrat Union (IDU).

From December 1989 to July 2, 1992, Václav Klaus served as the first non-communist finance minister after more than forty years of communist rule. In June 1992 after victory in the parliamentary elections, he became Prime Minister of the Czech Republic. He was again re-appointed as Prime Minister in July 1996. He resigned from this position in November 1997.

In July 1998, after the parliamentary elections, he was elected President of the Chamber of Deputies of the Czech Parliament, position which he held till June 2002.

In February 2003 Václav Klaus was elected President of the Czech Republic. He was reelected for second term on February 15, 2008.

After completing his mandate as President of the Czech Republic in March 2013, he moved to the newly formed The Václav Klaus Institute, which is a liberal-conservative think tank with its own research study activities, seminars, conferences and other events and programs for professionals and the general public.