Djedi Physics Explained! Serious ET history of religion and biology


Margret Fern


Published on Mar 2, 2018

Djedi Physics Explained! The serious ET history of religion and biology on Earth:Anu-Naki - Uru -Drac Story-with Dan Winter Includes - ET / Annunaki politics and blood chemistry ( image sets:.

Reupload I have had no part in creating this video, merely uploading it to conserve it.

Serious ET Origins of Earth- (Final course This episode-THE HISTORY OF GOD- Is EAs EArth divine dEA/god (EA: Enki/ RA abRAm- we tell the story of Enki-

Thoth and the Djedi, according to the Westcar Papyrus, prince Djedefhor brings up the story of Dedi a story linking ancient Greek mythology and Egyptian mythology. He stands before his father,.

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