The Burka - Symbol of Oppression Violence Slavery Towards Women (Western Women)


Teresa van Lieshout


Published on Oct 15, 2014
Teresa the 'Aussie Wonder Sheila' (aka Wonder Woman) teaching on very serious issues, regarding violence towards women & children.

Teresa's Channel 7 Interview on this video

I'm an Australian born Christian Teacher; 1 Corinthians 11 refers to a woman's HAIR as a covering for her glory, & to glorify Jesus Christ, not a scarf. There's also a very big difference between a scarf covering the head and a large sheet covering the entire body; clearly that's oppressive.

The Burka, Hijab, and Naqib are symbols of oppression, violence, & slavery towards ALL women, not just muslim women, as muslim men force these oppressive clothing on women, with violence.

Other forms of horrific violence forced on women & girl children, by muslim men (and about half of other men throughout the world), include;

Killing women & children

Deprivation of liberty (torture)

Govts drugging women & children

Female Genital Mutilation (FGM); torture and mutilation of the female genitalia.

Child Marriage; in reality, is wide-spread indoctrinated pedophilia (rape of children)

Rape & gang rape of women & girl children.

Rape, then hanging or shooting women & girl children.

Govt legislated age of consent laws under 18; which is the rape of children.

Sexual slavery & prostitution towards women & girl children.

Selling women & girl children in markets for sexual & work exploitation.

Acid throwing on women's bodies (torture & mutilation), burning women alive, & 'flogging'.

ALL women throughout the world, including Western Women, must fight publically against these evil violent crimes towards our gender, against political-govt violence towards women, & against violence towards women in general.

Women throughout the world must contest political elections, vote for women candidates, fight for the political, economic, educational, & sociological rights of women, & replace political men who have engaged thousands of years of violence, in all its forms, towards women; all political, govt, & vulnerable men throughout the world who action violence towards women & children, will be condemned by Jesus Christ of the New Testament (Mathew 12: 41 - 42)

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