#200: The Occultic Roots of #BLM—Abraham Hamilton III




Published on Sep 29, 2020

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It is no longer a secret that Black Lives Matter was founded by trained Marxists. It’s way worse than that.

It’s “inspired” by necromancy, otherwise known as witchcraft. One of the BLM foundresses, Patrice Cullors, bragged about talking to the souls of the dead to launch their Marxist movement.

Abraham Hamilton II made the truth widely know. Abe is a popular radio host, author, attorney, and general counsel for the American Family Association. And as a serious Christian in America who happens to be black (or, as he says, “melanated”) he has unique insights into the underlying motives of certain movements, like Black Lives Matter, that purport to speak for all blacks.

Co-foundress of BLM, Patrice Cullors, has admitted that she and her fellow trained Marxists literally summon the spirits of the dead to help them achieve their goals. Can you say, recipe for total disaster? It does explain a lot.

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