Today we remember Christopher Yates who was brutally murdered on 7 November 2004

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Published on Nov 7, 2020

#ChristopherYates #WeWillNeverForgetYou

Today we remember Christopher Yates who was brutally murdered by a gang of Pakistani men on 7 November 2004

30 year old Christopher was walking home after a night out and was attacked in the car park of the University of East London in Barking where he was once a student.

He was set upon by a gang of Pakistani men in a totally unprovoked assault. He was knocked to the ground, his head 'was kicked like a football' and he was stamped upon repeatedly. He was kicked to death.

After the attack one of the gang was heard saying

“We have killed the white man. That will teach an Englishman to interfere in P*ki business”

8 men were arrested 5 days after the murder. They had gone on the run and were tracked down in Yorkshire.

Only 3 faced trial - Sajid Zulfigar, Zahid Bashir and Imran Maqsood. All 3 were found guilty of murder at The Old Bailey and sentenced to life imprisonment.

Despite the words Sajid Zulfigar said - “we have killed a white man, that will teach an Englishman” - the judge said the evidence did not show the attack was racially motivated

Christopher’s father spoke out after the trial saying he was disappointed with the minimum sentence of 15 years.

“Not a single day goes by without Christopher's memory being in our thoughts and in our prayers"