Raging ginger thinks YOU’RE GOVERNMENT AGENTS lol


Ryan Dawson


Published on Jun 12, 2018

I have zen like patience. apparently I am a government agent an jew and a russia agent all at the same time, yet can't afford air conditioning for my room and have to sell t-shirts online to help pay bills. I can honestly say this is the dumbest 'conversation' I've ever had. 2hrs with a lunatic. He wanted names of my family members and where I work. Yeah why dont I just dox myself and throw my family under the bus too. Guy doesn't even think a plane hit the WTC. And I know his original motivation is being a butt hurt no plane at the pentagon dork. Apparently he put a vid on facebook where you could not even hear my replies. I think he yelled the entire time too. It is a case study for why there should be mental health screenings before allowing a conceal carry purchase.

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