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Published on Nov 12, 2020

THE GLOBAL RESET: Joe Biden is a trojan horse - bought & paid for by the Transnationalist Socialists Hellbent on destroying America with firmly entranced insidious forces from within.

We love our true Catholic Christian fiends & applaud this "Orthodox" Archbishop for his bravery & righteousness. However, faithless, reprobate, false Catholic Biden is contemptible and a vital part of the final Socialist, World Order plan to disassemble the United States, abolish its sacred borders & national sovereignty

The insidious forces within: - Seditious, Obama / Biden Crossfire Hurricane (Spygate) - Fake Mueller Russia Witch Hunt - Fake Catholic Pelosi malicious Impeachment- Obama - Beijing Biden China bomb virus -Final Stage 5 attack: COVID mandated mail in ballot election Via massive sophisticated
voter fraud unseat the duly elected President for a second term.

Trump is a barrier to the New World Order & the International global= geo-political network.
World Order plots to have Trump removed by exploring the China virus and the new "required" mail in ballot system

* EVERYONE: Please listen up. The President has contacted us to instruct our patrons & subscribers to please write two HANDWRITTEN or typed letters with your name and address on them and for every registered voter of legal age in your household (share this with your friends & co-workers as well) & physically mail via Postal Service to the White House- NOTE:
It is important that you also SIGN the letter as well before mailing.

President Donald J. Trump,
1600 Pennsylvania Ave.
Washington DC 20500

Also, please email the US Supreme Court-
*If possible also again, contact the White House via email as well
The Letter should be short and to the point and could read something like this: "Dear Mr. President, (or Dear Supreme Court Justices) as a registered voter I was disappointed to see instances of a lack of transparency & dishonesty in the new mail in ballot system & at the polls for this past November 3rd election. Mr. President, at the least, we now so desire more transparency and integrity in tabulating the election results. Thank you.
SIGNED X_______________________________


Joe Biden will enforce the “ lockdown" and cede American nationalist powers and the US
Constitution to the globalist network & transnational organizations with no point of return.
American individualism abolished - their sacred Bill of rights nullified - their assets and real estate shared "fairly" with all other needy "world citizens."

PRAY FOR President Donald J. Trump. Pray for U.S. Senators Kelly Loeffler and David Perdue to win their vitally important US Senate seats in Georgia. This will insure that our Senate will be there to block any crazy, radical left wing globalist's policies which would "fundamentally transform" our Constitutional government in America

Yes, the 45th President stands in the way of the Globalists & this Pope's witting or unwitting treachery which is indirectly & directly pointed at him and our great country.

May we repeat, President Trump is a vital impediment to the Vatican’s attack on Nation States .
Donald Trump opposes America’s gradual assimilation into “Chrislam” - this Pope's version of
One World religion. God is opposed to any such unholy unity "at all costs." universal religion which mixes the holy with the profane. Chrislam is an oxymoron.

Trump opposes the One World government that Pope Francis proposes.
Trump resists Open Society that George Soros, the Clinton and Biden corrupt political cabals ascribe to. President Trump resists the New Age of Big Tech, cyber censor thought police, surveillance state which will herd us all into a wilderness of totalitarian globalist tyranny.

The final outcome of the fraudulent 2020 US elections has far greater ramifications then most will ever know - sadly until it is TOO LATE.

But the patriots will march. They will sacrifice and pray. The will fight. They will write to SCOTUS & to our good President & Justice Dept. to demand JUSTICE and honest & transparent voting system.

Together, we will turn this around and reelect President Trump to a SECOND TERM & preserve this great Republic for us, our children & their children until the coming of the LORD.
We as the American people will never submit to the tyranny of a unelected global government
God save the President.
God bless
Federico Cardella
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