Portland Antifa tough guy takes off shirt, charges police, instantly regrets it


NOQ Report


Published on Aug 16, 2020

Two and a half months of rioting in Portland has yielded very little in the way of change on either side. The Democrats running the city continue to attempt to deescalate by doing very little and asking law enforcement to do even less. Meanwhile, the Antifa and Black Lives Matter "peaceful protesters" continue to burn the city down.

One particularly brave Antifa rioter decided to run from the police. Then, when he saw his girlfriend being arrested, he ran back towards them, taking off his shirt and apparently ready to fight. Instead of throwing a punch, local law enforcement showed him with pepper spray. And by shower, this wasn't like a little canister opened up on him. He was absolutely drenched. Twice.

Of course, he didn't get away with his aggression that easily. When he rose and continued back towards law enforcement, he was hit with not one but two pepper balls. Two of his friends tried to drag him away as he was yelling something about them not touching his girlfriend or he'd kill them. Then, law enforcement took them all down.

The push for anarcho-communism must be stopped. If that means taking "peaceful protesters" who are trying to assault police officers and drenching them in pepper spray, so be it. Law and order must prevail.

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