Kirk Sorensen Thorium a solution for nuclear power


Ryan Dawson


Published on Sep 3, 2016

使われる材料が核爆弾を造る事が出来なかったらどうですか?そして、それがウラニウムまたはプルトニウムより多くのエネルギーを提供すれば、どうですか? トリウム・エネルギーは安全で効率的にこれらを提供することができます。
There is a debate in Japan about what to do with nuclear power. The public is afraid of nuclear energy after the March 11th tsunami. A lot a fear-mongering media greatly exaggerated the disaster of Fukushima. Japan imports 99% of its fossil fuels and green energy doesn’t provide enough power to replace what was lost by shutting down nuclear plants.
But what if the power plant didn’t need to be built near water? What if it did not need high pressure? What if the material used could not be used to build a nuclear bomb? And what if it provided more energy than Uranium or Plutonium plants? Thorium energy can provide these things safely and efficiently.

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