The Comey Firing and The Real Trump/Russian Connection (Episode 12)


The Antedote


Published on May 14, 2017

Recorded in May 2017

Greg and Jeremy discuss the firing of James Comey as FBI Director and some of the more important factors being left out of the media narrative, including details that are coming out about Trump's business dealings with criminal mob figures such as Felix Sater with close connections to Israel as well as Turkey and why these dealings matter. Also discussed is how this connection relates to Michael Flynn's removal as National Security Adviser. From there we talk about the significance of the close relationship between Breitbart, Steve Bannon, and Citizens United, which has given Sheldon Adelson unprecedented ability to control Republican politicians via the elimination of money in political campaigns. Finally we talk about Max Blumenthal providing cover for Israel and Zionism by referring to Senator Tom Cotton's statement at the annual Jerusalem Post conference that there are powerful Jews both in the US and elsewhere who have a dual allegiance between their home countries and Israel as an anti Semitic canard.

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