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Lgbt JT Olsen Threatens Preacher With 🔪Knife 🔪No Context Required


Ok Groomer


Published on Jul 27, 2022

LGBT JT Olsen threatens preacher with knife l, o context required

JT Olsen (calls himself the chosen one) is a wannabe preacher out of TN. He runs a channel called awake to righteousness where he slanders the brethren.
His reputation amongst those that know him is that he is a liar, a snake, trouble maker, leviathan, hypocrite, demon, etc
Says he was chopping an onion, does it look like he was chopping an onion as he held and twisted that knife in that manner as he says my name?
His videos are chopped up, edited and out of context to slander Christians.
It’s pure evil and only wicked satanic puppets edit videos.
Take for example his latest video, he literally
Cuts off the part where I say I’ll sit back and let you say whatever you want. He deliberately cut that off. He got the video from his gay lover who stalks me and is obsessed with me

They make fake accounts just to comment and make fake channels to share their slander. This is NOT the behavior of Christians.

He’ll flag it

Google has removed the original Warriors for Christ channel at the behest of a fake christian who is obsessed with me, harasses, slanders, and attacks other Christians on a daily basis.

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