LUCIFERASE inside Jab claims Dr Dan Egtvedt




Published on Jun 25, 2021

Federal prosecutors disclosed additional body camera evidence on Friday in the case of MAGA rioter Dan Egtvedt. In a strange tirade he advised people not to get vaccinated against the novel coronavirus and even stated that the vaccine had real satanic characteristics.
Egtvedt went on to say that he knew the vaccination was harmful since he performed his own "research" on it, but he didn't specify if he used Telegram or Bitchute.
The covid vaccines, he said, include Luciferase, a generic term for a class of oxidative enzymes that create bioluminescence. The name comes from the Latin word lucifer, which means "lightbearer," and is formed from the Latin words "lux" (light) and "to bring or carry" (ferre).

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