[Ep:03 Proud of Your Boys] How PBs Handle Conversations When Accused of Racism & White Supremacy


Polish American Brotherhood


Published on Dec 6, 2020

Who really are the Proud Boys? You won’t see this on the mainstream media, it’ll make you Proud of Your Boys!!!

A black woman comes up to intentionally agitate a group of Proud Boys during the 11/14/20 Million MAGA March in DC with calling them racist and white supremacists. They engage in conversation asking how and why they are racist, even inviting her to join standing with the group and saying no one is asking her to leave. They ask her ok teach me how not to be racist, ask who do I hate, and specifically say it is ignorance that they hate. She continues to call them racist and white supremacists, points her camera at me included (I'm number 3 in the line up of living examples) of white supremacists. The Proud Boys call out the diversity of cultures even in the group present in the current confrontation, which also includes immigrants among the Proud Boys. An Asian woman in a MAGA hat and patriot mask prays for Black Lives Matter and Antifa, and their families.

These are the real people who make up Proud Boys and MAGA supporters. Not what the media wants you to believe. I see attempts to bridge understanding with communication. I don't see hate. Do you?

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