Riot Season In The New Lodge | Anti-Internment Bonfire Riot Compilation (N.Belfast, 8 Aug 2019)


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Published on Aug 14, 2019

[Sources linked below] This is a compilation of footage showing events in the New Lodge (north Belfast) on 8 August, a day before the anniversary of Internment. Police mounted an operation to clear the bonfire wood collected by some locals but were stopped when 2 young lads who climbed on top to hinder the operation. Atleast 1 came down but another few climbed up. Rioting broke out and 3 police were injured. Soon after they made the decision to withdraw. The area quietened down and the bonfire was lit that night, decorated in British flags and banners supporting the Bloody Sunday Para 'Soldier F.' A fight broke out in the crowd a little while later which left 2 people stabbed, 1 of them critical. The fight was apparently part of a year long feud and the men who did the stabbing have since been arrested and charged.

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