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Published on Apr 5, 2016

Heavy metal detox with PEMF. Detoxification is the most important and influential process an individual can do to improve their health and subsequently their life.

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In the world of technology, there are countless blog posts, articles, websites, as well as books written on ‘detox’ and cleansing. However, very few of them actually have a comprehensive understanding of detoxifying. Additionally, many of them are not in-depth but instead are pure hype, marketing and sales driven. Detoxification is not something you can truly achieve through a fast, 14-day cleanse, green juices, or with some supplements. Instead detoxifying is more intricate, and long-term.

Most people living in the modern world, are inescapably toxic and can truly benefit from a detox. Unless of course, you’ve been living on a different planet entirely, you will have been exposed to heavy metals; in small, large or extremely high quantities. Human’s have been exposed to the highest levels of heavy metal toxins in recorded history! This is due to the industrial revolution, burning of fossil fuels, improper incineration of waste materials and so on. Toxic metals are everywhere and affect everyone on mother earth.

Heavy metals are metallic elements that are toxic or poisonous even in very low concentrations. Tumours are known to contain concentrated amounts of heavy metals. Dr Rau from Paracelsus clinic in Lustmuehle found up to 40000 higher concentration of heavy metals in tumours compared to healthy tissue. This show’s that heavy metals are certainly a factor in the development of disease and unquestionably something which should be detoxified.

Some of the common heavy metal pollutants among others are arsenic, cadmium, mercury, aluminium, nickel, and lead. In the table below are listed ‘some’ of the common toxic effects and sources.


A deflated cell with a low cellular membrane potential can not detoxify. This is why sport and exercise are so important. They increase your cells energy and shake loose some of these toxins.

PEMF however, increases the membrane potential dramatically in a matter of minutes and in turn increases 3 facts at the same time:
1 Detoxification (all toxins are shaken loose from the cell membrane receptors)
2 Oxygen uptake is drastically improved by the increased cell membrane potential
3 Nutrient uptake is dramatically increased due to cleared cell membrane channels.

These 3 factors alone make it necessary for a good detox to incorporate PEMF as an adjunct treatment. PEMF treatment can increase the detox by 40% due to shaking loose the toxins at a cellular level.

Additionally before using the PEMF machine taking a ‘primer’ to bind the toxins released into the body like chlorella, modifilan, modified citrus pectin and activated charcoal. This will help maximise the treatment.

For those of who you do not know what a PEMF is, it’s a Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy device. The therapy utilises small magnetic currents which are intermittently applied to the body.

Inside each cell within your body, there is an energy factory, the mitochondria. Surrounding this energy factory is a membrane of energy pathways through which nutrients go in and waste is expelled. Unfortunately over time, these pathways are blocked by toxins so the cell can’t take in the nutrients it needs. This causes the cell to “deflate” and, therefore, it doesn’t function as it should. The magnetic current from the PEMF “hits” the cell and knocks the toxins free. The cell’s nutrient pathways are now clear and the cell can begin to take on nutrients again.

The PEMF increases blood flow and oxygen to all areas within the body. This is then producing higher levels of anti-inflammatory white blood cells and more densely oxygen saturated red blood cells to the damaged areas. At the same time removing toxins. The PEMF, in turn, results in a more efficient healing process.

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