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Published on Oct 10, 2015
Thanks to everyone that joined,listened and Chatted:) If you are an expert or have exclusive information on the eugenics movement please leave a comment and let me know how to contact you for future shows! Thanks again to LostHorizon52 and MrGrimV Please Sub their Channels!
If you wanna be on the show let me know! You better bring your "A" game because I ain't taking prisoners:)
Show starts at 00:05:42
LostHorizon52 Joins at 00:24:43
MrGrimV Joins at 25:13
History is becoming a commodity 00:33:00
Social Engineering & Erasing History Germ Causation Theory 00:35:54
Figure Foreground Reversal 00:38:37 Like a Lion darting out of the bushes!
Does Plutonium and Uranium Cause Cancer? What is Radiation? 00:43:10
Theoretical math will smash a square peg into a round hole for funding 00:47:18
Is nuclear radiation a hoax to cover up the true cause of illness and disease? 00:48:42
Viruses are biological programs looking for a host. 00:50:54
Coal Ash, Chemtrails and GeoEngineering 00:53:00
The Island Of Doctor Moreau. The Reality of Modern Day Human Cloning? 00:54:32
Abiotic Oil and The Scarcity Tactic of Capitalism. 00:57:12
New vaccines made from tumor cells 00:58:25
Spores,pleomorphism and cytopathology the overlooked Horizon. 01:02:39.
The Biophotonic nature of life. 01:04:15
I'm describing a Faraday cage sorry for my lapse in awareness Mr Michael Faraday! 01:04:40
How EMF and GMO''s effect the Gut Floral in Humans IE your immune system 01:05:45
Can you survive without water for more than 3 days? 01:08:10
Do fat peoples cells prevent them from gaining nutrients from foods? 01:09:15
Medications are being renamed Vaccinations to prevent lawsuits! 01:11:00
The state owns your body but music moves your soul! 01:12:10
The Tallest building in the world will be done in 2019 The Kingdom Tower 01:15:55
Fear is the mind killer and will distract you from your true purpose 01:17:44
What are your favorite movies of all time? 01:20:00
Have you read more books or seen more movies? 01:24:29
Stanely Kubrick and the hidden messages about the staged moon landing & 911? 01:25:50
The Reality of Winston Smith is approaching? 01:31:04
Internet New Websites will have to buy a yearly license to operator? 01:32:28
How aerial Drones have reduced costs in the movie filming industry. 01:35:00
Should medicinal cannabis be taxed and regulated by the Man? 01:36:02
Should Cannabis be decriminalized to allow testing of its medicinal properties? 01:41:02
Can I get some of my ecoli cells stoned? If so will they like it? 01:43:20
Are E-cigs a secret eugenics weapon? 01:44:30
Back in the 50's "Its just Smoke!" Now in 2015 "Its Just Vapor!" 01:49:38
Commercial from the 50's feature doctors promoting cigarettes for pregnant women 01:51:00
Why Sex sells and makes you buy things. 01:52:55
Should prostitution be legal? 01:56:22
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