Let’s aim for £50,000 and help more military families!


Tommy Robinson


Published on Nov 2, 2018

Please donate: http://www.helpdaisy.uk

We did it! In less than 24 hours, we crowdfunded the cost of Daisy’s new wheelchair! She’ll be so happy.

But let’s not stop now. Let’s raise funds for more military families in need.

I’m setting up a registered charitable trust that will focus on military families — like Daisy, and like Gareth Knox before her. In fact, Knox and Daisy’s mother have both agreed to sit as trustees on that charitable trust.

We’ve contacted a law firm that specializes in charitable trusts, and we are drafting the paperwork now (registrations take several months).

So let’s keep the goodwill going. Let’s give back to the families who have given so much to us. Let’s aim for £50,000!