Who outlawed the cruelty of Kosher Slaughter




Published on Jul 3, 2013

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Eric (aka: WVradioman)
This is a short 8 minute video-clip that was taken from the last few minutes of a documentary film, which has a full length of 62 minutes. It was made by the German government in 1940. Some of you reading this.., might know the name of the film !!

When the world's most "Cruel Dictator" (certainly NOT Joseph Stalin or Mao Zedong !) became chancellor of Germany on January 30th 1933.., one of the first laws he had enacted, in less than 3 months time (on April 21st 1933).., even when that country was having the worst depression in the world !.., he made it a priority to outright ban such cruelties as depicted in this video.., by those people (or anyone else for that matter !) who would do such things !!

I'll also add.., that this video is NOT a "Docu-drama".., as is the case with the modern film industry's use of actors to "portray events in history".., with their own "spin AND bias".., but is actual "period footage" of what was the preferred method of slaughter by "The Chosen Ones" !!

And yes.., I'm well aware that I will receive some VERY "nasty" (name-calling) comments for posting such material.., but just like most of the "controlled AND censored history" that the world has been taught.., there are some very enlightening facts.., that ABSOLUTLY need to be shown to "the WORLD public at large".., that have been kept from them.., for all these many, many, many years...

To that end.., I would like to say God bless.., to all of you.., who would have the courage, the gumption, and the steadfastness.., to "never give up" on building a better AND more honest and noble generation yet to come.....

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