Gavin McInnes


Published on Oct 22, 2019

Antifa had been attacking us all night. They were arrested for beating and robbing a reporter. Antifa ambushed Proud Boys on their way home and threw a glass bottle of urine at them (they had been throwing them all night). Max and Geoff happily took them up on their offer and ran up to them. Max pulled off their masks while Geoff punched them. At first, antifa were winning. They kicked Proud Boys on the ground. Then John showed up and bowled them over. Proud Boys won the fight and stopped immediately. The police asked antifa if they wanted to press charges. Antifa told them to fuck off. This should have been the end of it but Cuomo and de Blasio saw this as a great opportunity to paint Trump supporters as Nazis who roam the streets looking for innocent victims to punish. This narrative won in court and now two men are going to prison for four fucking years (Geoff took a plea and is doing weekends at Rikers). It's all a big game to politicians and their bitches in media. For the rest of us. It's very real.