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Published on Oct 16, 2018 -- Any excuse to advance the white privilege myth will do; even if it excoriates the tarnished reputation of a far-left moonbat like Elizabeth Warren.

A female professor in Canada used Warren's DNA escapade to sound the alarm.

Some all it the monomyth; a natural human propensity to see what we believe rather than believe what we see (Kenn's Law #66).

We tend to find what we're looking for (Kenn's Law #8) and if what we are looking for is demonic activity, the Second Coming of Jesus, space aliens disguised as world leaders, Zionist Occupied Government (ZOG), The Illuminati, racism, sexism, the boogeyman, and white privilege, we're certain to find them everywhere.

From ▼ by Caitlin Yilek

A university professor chided Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., for taking a DNA test to prove her Native American heritage, saying her action ultimately does more harm to Native Americans.

Kim TallBear, part of the native studies faculty at the University of Alberta, said Monday that Warren taking a DNA test is “yet another strike — even if unintended — against tribal sovereignty.”

In a statement, TallBear said Warren has refused to meet with Cherokee Nation community members who have challenged her ancestry claims.

“This shows that she focuses on and actually privileges DNA company definitions in this debate, which are ultimately settler-colonial definitions of who is indigenous,” the statement said. “As scholars of race have shown, it is one of the privileges of whiteness to define and control everyone else’s identity.”

Warren’s DNA analysis, conducted by Stanford University professor and 23andMe adviser Carlos Bustamante, showed she was between 1/1024 and 1/64 Native American.

“Tribal governments establish regulations that do not use genetic ancestry tests, but other forms of biological and political relationships to define our citizenries,” TallBear said.

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